When you search for balers online, you’ll come across a number options and types. These machines are very versatile and come in different varieties and models. Most baler manufactures like Max Pak, Bace, PTR, Harmony, etc, provide two-ram, horizontal, auto-tie, and vertical or downstroke baler. The vertical or downstroke baler is the most popular option available in the market today because it’s more affordable.

What Is A Downstroke Baler?

Downstroke baler, commonly referred to us a vertical baler, is a machine that compresses loose material into compact and tightly packed bales. These bales are easier to transport and take up less storage space compared to loose material like folded cardboard, newspaper, plastic, pet bottles, etc.

The baler compresses the material into tight bundles which are immediately tied and secured with the help of a baling wire. There are different ways to achieve this result and the downstroke baler does it by compressing the material from an upward direction. You just need to feed the material into the baler, close the door, and turn the machine on. The downstroke baler will apply pressure from the top while the walls of the machine will keep all material in place.

You can then manually or automatically tie the bales with baling wire to ensure they’re secure for transport. Vertical balers are available in different sizes and compositions so you can find something that fits your requirements perfectly.

Factors to Consider Before you Purchase a Downstroke Baler

  • Look at the size of your recycling facility and determine how much space you have for the new machine.
  • The volume of material you intend to process every day. If you expect high volume, you might want to consider a bigger baler of around 60” to 70”. If you expect low volume and don’t want to spend money on bigger balers, you should consider 30” balers.

Downstroke or vertical balers are ideal for small to mid-sized recycling facilities that process cardboard and old newspaper. You can purchase 60 inch or 72 inch vertical balers and create bales that weigh around 1,500 lbs or more. That’s a reasonable volume of cardboard and newspaper for every cycle. If you have any questions about vertical balers, don’t hesitate to contact us.