max pack vertical baler

Max Pak is a well-established name in this industry and has been known to produce a number of good quality products. Their balers are consider highly reliable and an excellent investment for any recycling facility. They’ve been a part of this industry since 1976 and have introduced several reliable machines, balers, baling wires, and associated accessories in the market. They also manufacture conveyers and compactors so they understand how this industry functions.

All You Need to Know About Mac Pak Vertical Balers

Max Pak offers three different kinds of vertical balers so you will find something that’s uniquely suited to your requirements. Here’s a brief introduction to the three options available to you:

  • MP60HD – While this machine can bale different kinds of materials, it’s ideal for cardboard and newspaper. The bales produced are 30″ x 48″ x 60″ in size and can weigh up to 1300 lbs of shredded newspaper and 1150 lbs of cardboard. This baler is available in two different models; MP60HD-10 and MP60HD-15. The latter of the two is ideal for companies that need more power as it produces over 73,500 lbs. of packing force at 2600 psi.
  • MP7242 – This baler is also ideal for cardboard and shredded newspaper. It produces 42″ x 48″ x 72″ sized bale, which is the largest bale a Max Pak vertical baler can product. The bale height is adjustable and can weights up to 1300 lbs. It delivers over 90,000 lbs. packing force at 2350 psi.
  • MP6020 – This vertical baler is very versatile because it can handle all kinds of materials, including cardboard, aluminum cans, shredded newspaper, plastics, and P.E.T. The bale size 30″ x 48″ x 60″ and weighs nearly 1300 lbs. and 1200 lbs. for newspapers and cardboard respectively. This model is available in available in two configurations; the MP6020-52-8 has over 130,000 lbs. packing force at 2600 psi.

All of these balers are available brand new or used so if you’re on a tight budget, you can choose the latter. You can trust the quality of new and used Max Pak balers because they’re very reliable.