Altitude Recycling Equipment offers a wide variety of used conveyors suited for many different application types. Used conveyors are an important part of any commercial recycling system and can make or break a business. Altitude Recycling will make sure that the solutions we provide will exceed all requirements of your used conveyor needs. Most used conveyors come with a 30- to 90-day warranty to ensure that the conveyor is in great working order. We do this to protect the customer. If any problems occur that are caused by the conveyor itself, and not user error, the Altitude service team with fix the issue completely free of cost within the warranty timeline.

Altitude has access to a huge inventory of used recycling conveyors from manufacturers that include:


Hustler Conveyors
Green Machine
Buk Handling Systems

CP Manufacturing
Karl Schmidt

Van Dyk

**If you are looking for another manufacturer we can more than likely find a used conveyor from them as well.

Depending on the budget, material specifications, and timeline, Altitude Recycling Equipment can help find the correct conveyor for your specific application. We understand that each customer has a wide variety of material types most of which include: cardboard (OCC), newspaper (ONP), plastics (PET, HDPE, LDPE), shredder paper, tire, C&D, scrap metal, aluminum, mixed solid waste, foam, and more. We also know the importance that the width, belt type, cleating, condition, and manufacturer play into buying a used conveyor that you can trust.

Let us know what type of used commercial recycling equipment you are looking for and we will be more than happy to help locate it.