Altitude Recycling Equipment offers a wide variety of used balers, including everything from vertical balers to two-ram balers. Choosing a used baler can be a very complicated process. There are a few very important things to consider in order to remove as many risks as possible.

Start your process with a baler assessment. Some important factors to take note of when you do an assessment are:

  • The year the baler was manufactured
  • Are the safety features operational?
  • Does the used baler need new wear pads?
  • Are all electrical components and controls in working order?
  • Does the baler frame have any visible damage?
  • If the baler has a shear or a knife does the knife gap meet manufacturer’s specifications?
  • Are there any hydraulic leaks?
  • Is there any rust or visible wear on the frame?

Altitude Recycling does everything within our power to disclose or fix (depending on the extent of the damage) any baler-related issues before we sell or install any used baler. If any problems arise, and the used baler included a warranty, Altitude Recycling will make sure the issue is taken care of.

Altitude has access to a huge inventory of used vertical balers, horizontal balers, two-ram balers, auto-tie balers, and balers for specialty materials (foam, textiles, etc) from manufacturers like:


American Baler
Excel Baler
G Baler

Cram A Lot

Max Pak
International Baler

If you are looking for another manufacturer that isn’t listed above, we can more than likely find a used baler for that manufacturer or a baler that will work as well or better.

Let us know what type of used commercial recycling equipment you are looking for and we will be glad to help.

We understand that each customer processes a wide variety of material types which might include cardboard (OCC), newspaper (ONP), plastics (PET, HDPE, LDPE), shredded paper, C&D, scrap metal, aluminum, mixed solid waste, foam, or other materials. Please specify your material types to ensure that Altitude Recycling finds the correct used baler for your organization or recycling company.

Altitude Recycling offers coverage to customers in Colorado, Utah, Nevada, Wyoming, Kansas, Nebraska, Alabama, Texas, and New Mexico. Altitude can also service customers in Mexico and Canada.

Let Altitude Recycling Equipment help you find the right used baler at a great price!