Bailing wire is used in the recycling industry to hold together cardboard, paper, and other recycling materials. Our single loop bale ties are easy to bend and fast-tying. These single-loop, galvanized bale ties are manufactured from medium-gauge carbon wire rod, and they’re available in many lengths and sizes from 11 gauge and up.

For the protection of the user, single loop bale ties have the head of the tie loop end bagged and then the entire tie bundle is shrink-wrapped to ensure the wire won’t be damaged. The product can be manufactured in straight bundles or in coiled form and shipped in special boxes — whatever is better for your commercial recycling business. In addition, all boxes are shipped with a top sheet that offers additional protection from the elements during storage and transit.


Gauges Available

  •  11 Gauge
  •  12 Gauge
  •  13 Gauge
  •  14 Gauge
  •  14.5 Gauge

Lengths Available

  •  10 Feet
  •  11 Feet
  •  12 Feet
  •  12 ½ Feet
  •  13 Feet
  •  13 ½ Feet
  •  14 Feet
  •  14 ½ Feet
  •  15 Feet
  •  16 Feet
  •  17 Feet
  •  18 Feet
  •  19 Feet
  •  20 Feet
  •  21 Feet
  •  22 Feet


Quantities Available

  • 62 Wires Per Bundle
  • 125 Wires Per Bundle
  •  250 Wires Per Bundle

*Accurate Diameter

**Review the specs of your baler to ensure you have the correct length

***If you need help, call us directly and we will give you help on choosing the best single loop baling wire ties for your specific application.


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