Since 1962, Maren has built some of the top balers and shredders in the industry. Based in Illinois, Maren manufactures their recycling equipment to the highest standards to ensure that their machines keep your commercial recycling moving with the speed and reliability that are necessary in today’s recycling business.

Altitude Recycling carries several different versions of Maren horizontal balers that are usable for many different kinds of materials, including cardboard, fiber, aluminum, foam, and newsprint. Maren balers are packed to the brim with helpful features that make sure every bale you create is as uniform and easy to tie as possible. Certain models of Maren balers are equipped with their newest technology, Smart Bale, which can interface with your systems to tell you when bales are done, and how much they weigh so that you’re able to accurately predict your shipping costs. Smart Bale also allows a facility to customize their bale sizes and weights, and inform staff about any jams, or productivity issues, as well as being able to remind users about its maintenance schedule.

At Altitude Recycling, we offer sales as well as individualized maintenance and repairs. When you purchase a new or used Maren horizontal baler from Altitude, you can rest easy knowing that our fully-trained staff is there to assist you with installation, troubleshooting, and repairs. We have found that creating a scheduled maintenance program is the best way to keep your machinery running efficiently and safely. Our technicians work to keep your equipment running safely and they do this as quickly as they can to make sure your facility won’t get bottlenecked when a piece of machinery is down.

Call Altitude Recycling today to work with a dedicated staff member who will help you find the perfect Maren horizontal baler for your business or organization.

Pro Pak Series Full Penetration / Full Eject Horizontal Baler


Pro Pack 60

Cylinder: (2) 5.5”
Motor: 20 HP, 30 HP
Cycle Time: 28 sec
Feed Opening: 54” x 40”
Bale Size: 60”x30”x48”
System Pressure: 3,000 PSI
Total Force: 172,000 lbs
Ram Face Pressure: 102 PSI
Shipping Weight: 18,500 lbs


Pro Pack 60S

Cylinder: (2) 6”
Motor: 20 HP, 30 HP
Cycle Time: 28 sec
Feed Opening: 70” x 54”
Bale Size: 60” x 30” x (40-48”)
System Pressure: 3,000 PSI
Total Force: 175,000 lbs
Ram Face Pressure: 104 PSI
Shipping Weight: 22,500 lbs


**Please note these statistics were may or not be 100% accurate. These were based on the manufacturer’s literature.