Since 1946, International Baler, also known as IBC, has been building some of the finest recycling equipment. Based in Jacksonville, Florida, IBC builds over 200 different configurations of balers, and also manufactures an array of other recycling equipment including conveyors and dumpsters. If you can’t find the perfect standard model of baler, International also builds custom horizontal balers to fit your specific facility’s needs. It has always been the goal of IBC to help your recycling organization work as efficiently as possible, and their equipment is always able to keep up.

Altitude Recycling carries a selection of IBC vertical and horizontal balers for all of your commercial recycling center needs. We carry IBC equipment with pride, as their products have set very high standards for reliability, ease of use, and safety. When you purchase a new or used International horizontal baler from Altitude Recycling you can be certain that not only are you getting a machine that works now, but one that will work for years, even decades, to come.

Altitude Recycling will not only sell you an International horizontal baler, but service it as well. Our technicians are qualified to work on all of the equipment that we sell, and their work is the best in the business. They know how important it is to keep machine downtime to a minimum so that your business can work at the speed required to maximize profit. A scheduled maintenance program is the best way to guarantee that your International horizontal baler will continue to work as needed, while also allowing our technicians to keep detailed notes about performance and wear in order to head off any issues before they cost your company valuable time and money.

Please read the information about these horizontal balers carefully to ensure that you select the right baler for your facility. If you have any questions, please call us at Altitude Recycling. We’re here to give you all the information you need about choosing the right balers and other recycling equipment.

NA Series Horizontal Baler


Model: 1295

Cylinder: 7”
Motor: 30 HP
Cycle Time: 23 sec
Feed Opening: 42” x 50”
Bale Size: 72” x 44” x 36”
System Pressure: 2,250 PSI
Total Force: 86,600 lbs
Ram Face Pressure: 56 PSI
Shipping Weight: 11,500 lbs


Model: 1296

Cylinder: 8”
Motor: 40 HP
Cycle Time: 15 sec
Feed Opening: 42” x 60”
Bale Size: 72” x 44” x 46”
System Pressure: 3,000 PSI
Total Force: 150,800 lbs
Ram Face Pressure: 98 PSI
Shipping Weight: 23,000 lbs

Titan Series Full Penetration / Full Eject Horizontal Baler


Model: 6-EC

Cylinder: 8”
Motor: 20 HP
Cycle Time: 32 sec
Feed Opening: 58” x 35”
Bale Size: 60”x48”x30”
System Pressure: 3,000 PSI
Total Force: 150,800 lbs
Ram Face Pressure: 98 PSI
Shipping Weight: 17,500 lbs


Model: 60-EC

Cylinder: 8”
Motor: 40 HP
Cycle Time: 24 sec
Feed Opening: 56” x 40”
Bale Size: 60”x48”x30”
System Pressure: 4,000 PSI
Total Force:  201,062 lbs
Ram Face Pressure:116 PSI
Shipping Weight: 18,000 lbs


Model: 60-XHD-10

Motor: 50 HP
Cycle Time: 20 sec
Feed Opening: 57” x 45”
Bale Size: 60”x45”x30”
System Pressure: 3,000
Total Force: 235,620 lbs
Ram Face Pressure: 134 PSI
Shipping Weight: 32,500 lbs

CD Series 3036 / 3043 / 4343 / 4843 Horizontal Baler


Cylinder: 6”, 7”, 8”, 9”, 10
Motor: 20 HP, 30 HP, 40 HP, 50 HP
Cycle Time: 12-24 sec
Feed Opening: 50” x 28”, 50” x 41”, 50” x 46”, 60” x 40”, 60” x 46”
Bale Size: (60” or 72” Long), 30” x 36”, 30” x 43”, 43” x 43”, 48” x 43”
System Pressure: 3,000 PSI
Total Force: 84,823 – 235,620 lbs
Ram Face Pressure: 79 – 183 PSI
Shipping Weight: 8,500 – 29,000 lbs

**Please note these statistics were may or not be 100% accurate. These were based on the manufacturer’s literature.