maren horizontal baler

Maren is a leading manufacturer of balers based in South Holland, Illinois. All the balers, conveyers, and accessories are manufactured in the US under tightly controlled environments so you can be certain of their quality. Maren has been around since 1962 so they have ample experience in baler manufacturing and understand what the industry needs. They’re a trusted brand that provides inexpensive products and machines. Maren has a good collection of balers and accessories but the company is known for its horizontal balers.

All You Need to Know About Maren Horizontal Balers

Maren has a good range of products to choose from so you’ll definitely find something that fits your requirements perfectly. Most horizontal Maren balers are designed to handle high volumes of material quickly and efficiently. Here’s a brief introduction to all the models available to you:

  • Maren 72 O.E. Series Balers – This is a Continuous Extrusion Automatic Tie Baler, which allows for completely autonomous operation. The machine produces “mill sized” bales that are easier to transport and pack a large amount of material. This baler can process all kinds of materials, including corrugated cardboard, newspaper, tissue, chipboard, non-woven materials, and flexible packaging. The bales are tied automatically so you can directly load the bales into transport if needed.
  • ProPak A Series Heavy Duty Shear Baler – This baler is also designed to handle a large volume of material. It can process corrugated cardboard, newspaper, tissue, chipboard, non-woven materials, and flexible packaging easily and automatically tie them into resilient bales. ProPak is also ideal for mid to large-sized recycling businesses that process a large amount of material.
  • Manual tie horizontal balers – Maren also has a collection of manual tie horizontal balers that are ideal for smaller recycling facilities.

Why Purchase Maren Balers?

  • They offer full penetration with a closed door
  • They provide heavy bale weight so you can process more material in a short time
  • The ram face pressure ensures the material is compressed effectively
  • These balers have fast lead time so they process big volumes quickly and efficiently.

If you’re looking for effective balers that are made in the USA, you don’t need to look beyond this brand.