Have you been looking for a way to start a recycling business? Or are you an experienced recycling center owner who has big plans for expanding your operation, but you lack the capital to jump in and purchase all the equipment that you’ll need? Do you need some new equipment to hold you over for a predetermined period of time before your depreciation schedule on your current equipment will allow you to replace what you own now? You’re in luck: Altitude Recycling can now help you obtain financing to lease new recycling equipment!

Altitude Recycling Equipment has partnerships with several trusted financial institutions which allows us to offer our customers flexible terms and great interest rates when they decide to lease recycling machines from us.

Our financial partners give our clients quick and secure access to capital without a major upfront investment. Altitude Recycling offers flexible terms with leases ranging from 12 to 72 months, depending on your individual needs.

dreamstime_xxl_21092101More Benefits of Leasing Recycling Equipment From Altitude

  • Quick funding upon approval
  • Fair market value or $1.00 buyout options
  • Off-balance sheet financing
  • Fixed payments
  • Doesn’t require the huge up-front investment of purchasing
  • Upgrade your equipment to increase productivity at any time during your lease
  • Spread out your sales tax over the term of the lease

Altitude Recycling offers leasing on new and used recycling equipment including vertical balers, horizontal balers, compactors, conveyors, screens, magnets, eddy currents, sort systems, and more. We carry the best products from the best manufacturers. Because we have the best selection of recycling equipment it just makes sense that we can offer you some of the best leasing terms out there.

Contact Altitude Recycling today to discuss leasing requirements, and to find out just how quickly you can get the new equipment that your business needs to stay competitive, safe, and efficient.