Altitude Recycling Equipment offers a full-line of industry leading conveyors from Fluent Conveyors. Fluent Conveyors are designed to convey many different materials including cardboard, plastic, packages, tires, MSW, single stream, tissue paper, scrap metal, garbage, stover, shredded matter, and more. With their ease of use and their versatility, Fluent Conveyors are the perfect addition to your recycling company.

With over 70 years of combined experience engineering and manufacturing complex conveyors for recycling and package handling, Fluent Conveyors are custom-built to order for each recycling center to ensure the absolute best fit for your organization.

Fluent Conveyors offers an almost dizzying array of options to customize your ideal conveyor setup, including:

Along with conveyors, Altitude Recycling offers conveyor consultations, replacement parts, replacement belts, as well as repair and installation services.

Here are some of the conveyor replacement parts that we carry:

  • Conveyor motors
  • Conveyor replacement belts (steel, rubber, PVC)
  • Conveyor pulleys
  • Conveyors sprockets
  • Conveyor shafts